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Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of the major case squad. these are their stories. it's twyla's most accessible work. i took a chance and got us tickets. i hope you like dance. i'm game for anything. i get so wrapped up in my work, i forget there's a whole other world out there. it's time you enjoyed your life. here's to... here's to opening new doors. ( phone ringing ) mmm. it's my service; sorry. dr. stern here. mm-hmm. tell him the results are positive, and we'll resolve the problem friday. oh, and no more calls tonight. woman: come on, melissa, it's getting late. i'll see you friday. buzz, we're going to florida next weekend. i don't want to go with ted. i want to go with daddy. oh, we will, honey. real soon. i'll take us all to florida. give your daddy a kiss, and get in the car. buzz, you know about making promises. this is one i'm, i'm going to keep. listen, i'll come in, but so we're clear, you do not want to mess with me. ( phone ringing ) i just got into the city. what? but you... all right, i got it. back of the train. you listen. no more changes. hey! help, i'm stuck! ah! stop, i'm a...! ( yelling ) captioning spon
Aug 20, 2013 5:00pm EDT
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Aug 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
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Aug 7, 2013 5:00pm EDT
see the paper it left behind. and cummings told us, whoever put that material there want today to look like a bomb. >> reporter: the mount vernon office of congressman elijah cummings, at the center of an intense fbi investigation. >> they were surrounding the door. and i heard it was a suspicious note and some substance on the door. >> reporter: according to cummings, an employee with military experience, arrived at work and noticed a putty-like material stuck around the outside of the door. >> she noticed that there was something that gave the appearance of plastic explosive devices in 10 various places around the door. >> reporter: no one was allowed inside the building as baltimore fire investigators and the fbi tested the material. >> and determined that it was not an explosive device, but it was made to appear that way and that there were apparently some type of wiring connected to it. >> reporter: the fbi confirmed the material was not hazardous. agents also scoured the scene for other crucial evidence. several sticky notes were found on the glass next to the black putty. but cu
Aug 12, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. you just have to leave the building, the property because it is collapsing beneath us. >> reporter: everyone got out safely but some guests made it out with very little time to spare. >> one woman was laying on the tube. the tub just levitated and that's when she grabbed some shorts and came out with nothing. >> reporter: there were no problems at the resort before sunday night. melanie woodrow. >> they are caused by florida's geology. the state sits on land stone, a rock that easily disintegrates with water. >>> and derek valcourt joins us with more on the decision in the case of porter. >> reporter: her attorneys argue -- argued that she was acting in self-defense. at first carla porter blamed herself only in the death of her husband. >> have you ever seen him before? >> no, no. >> reporter: porter initially lied to investigators but then later admitted of hiring this man and four of his family members to shoot own kill her husband. >> what happened to the girl? >> she was just being really mean in the last four days. >> reporter: porter told the judge she endured verbal abuse
Aug 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of their lives. >>> at the cathedral of mary our queen, a baltimore legend is remembered. >> our father loved us. his family more than himself. his children were his life. we defined him. >> reporter: hundreds gathered to celebrate the life of the nfl hall-of-famer. the colts' defensive tackle, known for his incredible athleticism on the field. and his larger than life personality am. >> my father will not rest in peace, unless i tell you how much he loved all of you. the citizens of baltimore molded a boy from the bronx to a great man on and off the field. you gave him so much happiness. >> reporter: several former colts greats, like lenny moore, jeno marquettey, john mady, ordel bracey, and andy nelson, attended the funeral. >> he was a special person. and he was what baltimore was all about. >> used to get the people that i see here today. that's amazing. >> to have a guy like donovan. you know, your mind is on what you gotta do and how you gotta do it. and you're tightening up in your head. then all of a sudden, you hear a roar. over there in the locker room. and there's donovan over there.
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
the calls? my pretties, they're using disposable cells, so i'm coming up empty. we do have a timeline, though. according to the m.e.'s report, both victims were dead for about 3 hours before they were found, which means based upon the times of their messages, they endured 5 additional hours of torture after making their goodbye calls. it wasn't enough that he caused his victims pain and suffering, it extended to their parents as well? rossi, were the phone calls the butcher made his victims leave similar? yeah, but the content varied. 13 vics left answering machine messages for loved ones, 5 actually talked to someone before they died, and two reached no one. but didn't the butcher make his victims end their messages by saying they were enjoying it? that was the signature. wouldn't that make a sadist flaccid? it wasn't about him. it was about the parents. he wanted to make sure that they knew he had complete control and dominance over their daughters. all right, morgan and prentiss, go to the m.e. we need to compare ritual and m.o. rossi, reid, and i will interview the families and go
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm EDT
class? no, no. he's in the eighth grade. he's always picking on us, especially eric. picking on you how? i don't know. talking trash on the bus, in the locker room. did you see billy at school today? you know what? i don't think he's here. he could have been waiting for eric in the bathroom or something. all right, hold on a minute. has billy ever been violent towards eric? i mean, beyond just talking trash? that's what i'm trying to tell you. last week he got us in that same bathroom. so brandi was over at your house yesterday? yeah. well, did you talk to her? no, she just goes up to my sister's room, and they hang out up there. man, she is so hot. who's hot? your mama? i said who's hot, shmpy? your mama? no. your mama. oh, ally? time for a swirling. hey! no. on your knees. you like water, huh? you like water? stop! find out, huh? huh? you like that, huh? you like that? you want a little bit more? no, no! want a little bit more, huh, punk? ( groans ) tough guy. throw him in there. better tell your friend to watch his mouth. there's a lot more where that came from. why didn't you tell a
Aug 23, 2013 5:00pm EDT
) seals the deal! "the feel of the wheel." rice burners got us beat on price and mileage, mickey. man: yeah, we're busting our humps out there, but we're losing loyal customers with these new, uh, k-cars. the cars? the cars don't lose customers. lousy salesman do! (laugh you think guys walk on this lot because they're thinking about mileage? guys walk on this lot because they want to buy american, to give us their money. and you know what you do? you take it, damn it! take it! people want cars to project an image. cars to make them look younger or more powerful. men want cars that women just want to... (grunts) ...get into. (chuckles) ain't that right, donna? yeah, but i would have never got knocked up at 17 in some k-car. it ain't go no curves, no back seat. (men laugh) never take no for an answer! someone says they're just looking? you tell them that's how you met your wife. what-what if they say they have to check with the wife? then you tell them to go get their pants back! you get them in a box and you close these bastards! and if you can't do it, then you find someone who can! b
Aug 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
are already serving prison sentences. >>> the u.s. coast guard identifies two men who died when a catamaran flips over in ocean city. >> reporter: the two men who died from that accident are from maryland. penal-year-old william gogle of baltimore. and freddie caristrio. it capsized northeast of ocean city. a helicopter crew in atlantic city, arrived and recovered the bodies. another boat rescued two 55- year-old man who -- men wohave not been identified am -- who have not been identified. kai, back to you. >> vic, thank you. >>> the coast guard is still investigating the cause. >>> today, a federal grand jury indicts two friends of the surviving suspected boston marathon bomber, with obstruction of of the judge. the college friends are accused of removing a backpack, containing fireworks and a laptop, from dzokhar tsarnaev's room for trying to keep him from getting in trouble. if convicted issue they could face up to 20 years in prison. three people died in the april 15th bombing. and more than 260 others were hurt. >>> less than a week after the russians granted asylum in maryland, nsa le
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10